Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Save not Bake

Jeans: J Crew Toothpick   Sweatshirt: J. Crew (old)  Sunnies: cheapos from airport kiosk .
As you can see, I can not bake. Turns out you are supposed to let the cake cool down before you frost it. Oh well, it still tasted okay. But I can save when I shop on-line and here are my tips for you to save too!

1) Use a search site like www.shopstyle.com to search for items you are looking for. You can save items you have your eye on, set up favorites and sale alerts. The site will send you an e-mail when the price gets reduced. I have used this even for items I have already purchased.  When I receive the e-mail that the item got reduced further I then call or visit the store to get a price adjustment. Often stores will give you the adjustment even if it is a little past their window.

2) Use sites like www.retailmenot.com to search for coupons for free shipping, percentages off etc.

3) Sign up for e-mails from the retailer. They will send you coupon codes and notify you of sales. Unsubscribe when you don't need the info so you aren't tempted to buy something you don't need just because it's on sale.

4) If there are no coupons available, you can try to place the item desired in your "online cart". Sometimes if you leave it in there for 24-48 hours, the retailer will send you a coupon to help you commit.

5) Try E-bay. I am not afraid of consignment, used items, or factory seconds sold on e-bay. You can get a great item at a fraction of the price. I got the J-brand jeans seen on all the celebs and bloggers on E-bay for 40.99 (they retail for > $180.00). They had been worn once or twice but were just like new and were worth every penny. Just be wary of purchasing a non authentic item. I am skeptical about buying handbags or pricier items unless authenticity is guaranteed.

After all, it's great to look super chic, but you don't want to become super poor doing so!

What are your tips for saving ( not baking) ?  Please share!

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