Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Want - C Wonder

Weekly Want - C Wonder
Just discovered this amazing website full of grand gift ideas with most under $100.00. Since a mom's life is busy and complicated I am loving their unique, and perfectly edited selections of apparel, home furnishings, jewelery and gifts. I ( as of now) am not paid to endorse any website so this is just an honest recommendation! I am loving the various slippers, bangels, and cords embroidered with pony print! Shopping for me? - I love the hermes inspired pyramid studded leather cuff . If you have yet to check this site out - do it now - they are having 25% off friends and family. You will at least find something for any of the grown ups in your lives! What are some of your fave sites...comment below and share!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Leopard

Shirt: J Crew Factory. Sweater: J Crew. Cords: J crew (old)
Shoes: J Crew (old) Sunnies: number one from ebay . Bracelets: J crew (old)

Booties: Michael by Michael Kors Jeans: Elle (Kohl's)

How funny is it that both my sister and I decided on leopard for our fall turkey dinner. If you have seen any of my previous posts you know I am a huge leopard print fan. Just one piece can really take an outfit from plain to chic. The BEST thing about leopard - baby spit up and food stains are easily blended in to the print! It just takes a little care to avoid looking tacky - just keep to one or two items in classic shapes. But it is almost December and then it's time to retire the leopard and break out the sequins! What are your fave leopard pieces?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Craving - Tartan and Sparkle

Holiday Craving - Tartan and Sparkle
Well, the holidays are approaching rapidly and despite filling up on turkey I still have a craving -planning my holiday party outfit (which usually consists of a dress and tights). This year I am going to try something different. A tartan print totally evokes the holidays for me and who can resist some sequins. The sequins add a little glam to what could be an  almost dowdy print. If you have a little one - babies love looking at sequins...anything that shines and reflects the light is an eye catcher.  If I have put on a few pounds from all the indulging, I will blame it on the plaid. And a great tip - keep wearing your sequins all year long by toning them down after with a chambray shirt with a sequin bottom, or a turtleneck under the sequin tops and jeans below. What are you craving this holiday...other than sleep and everyone getting along?  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Camo and Cables

Sweater: Zara / Jeans: Zara TRF / Glasses: old from airport kiosk / Scarf: Vintage / Watch: Michael Kors (old) / Heels: Dolce Vita (old) / Flats: Tory Burch from ebay
Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting my new blogging habit.  Found a new blogger I am obsessed with checking out. Love this site because she wears/ posts a lot of low key and mom-friendly outfits. Check out! Comment and tell me about your fave blogs for moms or fashion.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Stroll

It's getting colder, but not cold enough to stay in. These items are great for cooler weather. If you are pushing a little one around, BOB strollers are great because they have an optional weather guard that keeps the cold and rain out. The diaper bag is coated so a little damp rain is fine. And for going hands free - your mommy hook a great stroller accessory to clip your pocketbook or shopping bags onto. Now I am going in to sit by the fire!

Jacket: Barbour from Madewell/ . Hat: Land's End Canvas (old) / Diaper Bag : gifted :) similar here/. Wellies: J Crew (old) / Leggings: Old Navy Stroller: BOB. / Glasses: LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's (old) / Carabiner: Mommy Hook / Lipstick: Smashbox Fuschia Flash / Watch: Michael Kors ( old - ebay).

Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Super Chic Mom?

Dress: J crew(old), Booties: nine west (old); handbag: Chanel. Is this me pre or post momdom? photo: my sister CC

Before I had a child, I loved clothes. I loved an opportunity to go out to dinner or a party and get all dressed up. I adored the way my cashmere sweaters felt against my skin. The year I was pregnant, I barely shopped, a past time that regularly gives me an endorphin high and just makes me -  happy. After all, my size was changing every day ( and not in the good direction), and who knew what size I would be after. I put on compression stockings religiously with the goal of preserving my shoe size.  Friends had warned me that your shoe size could increase if you do not manage your swelling. I secretly longed to still fit in at least my heels again.

The first few months after I had my son, I didn't recognize my body. I wondered,  "Why do I still look pregnant". I read in books you don't get skinny overnight, but really, I still looked 6 months pregnant on my first day home. Luckily, I did not have to be in a Victoria's Secret runway show 6 weeks post partum. But the best thing was, my love of clothes was replaced by something even better, the love for my child, a little baby boy. I suddenly would have thrown every beloved cashmere sweater I own into the fire to protect him - wait - I would throw myself in the fire. I think you know what I am talking about. Sans makeup, I put on leggings, a baggy top, slippers and was dressed. After all, cashmere just pills if you wash and dry clean it too many times and the amount of spit up this little seven pounder could produce was amazing. A lack of sleep can just take the wind right out of your super chic sails.

I was out one day and I saw her....the most lovely, elegant, and chic mother. She had on leggings, like me, but instead of a spit up covered over sized tee, she had on a long cashmere cardigan, a leopard scarf, riding boots, over sized sunnies and the brightest coral lip.  In tow - three children and one looked under one. Her hands free leather handbag crossed over her side as she smoothly tossed open the stroller. I is put together! It immediately conjured up fantasies that this woman must be the most amazing mother and wife if she could look like this with three kids in tow.

Shortly after this sighting, I read an amazing article by Annette Tapert in The New York Times(6/16/2012) titled "Always Dress to Impress". It was a discussion of why one must put yourself together, mother or not, "unrelentingly" for the sake of dignity and discipline. She reports on how her daughter once commented on her embarrassing outfit during a school pick up and relates " She [her daughter] was simply embarrassed, but, in truth, my shoddy outfit exhibited disregard for her".  Are we not showing others respect, in addition to ourselves, when we at least try?

I slowly started losing weight and ahhhh....fitting back into my clothes. I slowly started shopping again, while I order online, spend less, and return more frequently than ever. And I started superchicmom - a hobby for me and my love of fashion. I try to feature outfits that are comfortable, practical, attainable, but still super chic.  There is inspiration all around me every where I go - and it is from you amazing chic moms. If you look the part you will be it. No one will remember you forgot the juice boxes, they will just be admiring your faux fur scarf.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Hot Mama

Red Hot Mama
There is something about a pop of red that just adds Parisian chic to any outfit. Keeping it fall is the tartan blazer. To keep this look from being too collegiate throw on a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a faux fur scarf. I could just imagine walking in Paris wearing this. See how one of my favorite celebs Olivia Palermo rocks tartan here. And okay...chances are we aren't going to be walking in Paris but down the aisle in the grocery store...too much? Never! And if the kids start melting down at check out and you want to imagine you are in Paris -  just click your heels three times.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekly Want - Cable Knit for the Whole Fam

Weekly Want - Cable Knit for the Whole Fam
I admit that I have been a little obsessed with cotton cable knit sweaters lately ( no itchy wool here). This crazy New England weather just wants me to get cozy with the whole family. Prayers go out to all who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. When you get your power back, you might want to do some shopping after Internet withdrawal kicks in. Here is a way to fulfill the need for cozy cables for the whole family at a great price. I am so happy that you can now shop Zara online.  The sweater on the top is a great stand in for the Michael Kors one on a previous post that costs three times as much. Did I mention Zara has free shipping.....and they are not even paying me to promote them!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Pumpkin Pick

Vest: J Crew here,  / Cords J. Crew (2 seaasons agao) / Shoes: Clark's (old) / Handbag: Michael Kors Margo (similar here) / Shirt: ( J crew) / Sunnies: Simply Vera Kohl's (old) / Jewelery: bracelets J crew; necklace Chanel

Photos by my sister: CC

What do you wear pumpkin picking with the kids?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Runway Look, Mom Price

Runway Look, Mom Price
I featured this insanely chic, comfy (it's all cotton), and versatileMichale Kors sweater in a blog post not long ago. Wanted to find for my myself and friends a cheaper chic alternative. Gotta Love H&M. The sweater on the left is a close match. Buy it a few sizes up for that boyfriend look. And could faux fur be looking any better these days? I really love this look because you can wear it with a multitude of pant styles, boots, flats and heels. Bonus -your kids will love "petting" your scarf. They could even name it. And we've done no harm to any animals because it's faux. What are your fave glam mom looks for fall?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camo - Runway to Mom Way

Camo - Runway to Mom Way
Camo is a new great trend in denim. I passed on the floral jean trend - it was just too young for me. But camo might work -especially after I saw how this stylish blogger from styled them. I would skip the heels and do a nude or patent black ballet flat. The camo adds edge to your look and with a little stretch they remain practical. Plus, camo is a master in hiding stains of all kinds which we know any mom gets on her at one point or another. The jeans on the left are the ones by Current Elliot seen on the celebs - but Zara has several great options all for under $60.00. And is online now with free shipping and returns!