Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pricey vs. Possible - Two Tone Timepiece

Pricey vs. Possible

Pricey vs. Possible by superchicmom featuring a bracelet wrist watch

I still can not believe my little baby has started actual school and I send him on a bus every morning for - well sort of - some one else to raise him. Don't get me wrong - a teacher is a trained professional and I live in town with a great school system so I am not too worried - I just miss him. Which had me thinking about how fast the summer went by and how time is flying. It really is precious isn't it? We can't buy time but we can have a chic arm piece with which to keep it. I am in the market for a two tone watch so I can rock my gold or silver accessories. I love the Michael Kors Runway watch ALL the bloggers wear, but might choose this loveley Caravelle for a fraction of the cost. As you know I much prefer the possible to the pricey (well except when it comes to Chanel).

Did your kids start school yet? Are you sending them off for the first time or taking them to college? How do you handle this?

Have a great holiday weekend!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Surf Sweater


Sorry for the lack of posts this week, especially to my few who follow regularly ! I am so grateful for you! I was on holiday at the beach. Children (and myself) just love the beach and we had a great week with family visiting. I wore this look out to a seaside dinner and since it was breezy I needed a light sweater. This sweater was previously on my wish list ( see post from June here), but I waited until the sweater went on sale and then pulled the trigger. I added these amazingly expensive looking ( but actually cheap under $17) earrings to dress it up. You can get this vintage looking surf sweater here and it's on super sale with an extra 25% off (use code shopnow). I also just picked up this ponte fit and flare dress in Navy for under $40.00. I had been needing a classic navy dress in my wardrobe that can be dressed up or down.
Are you shopping end of year sales for yourself or just for back to school for the kiddos?
Well enjoy the last few days before school starts at the beach, home, or wherever you are!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Fall Cravings - Travel in Style

Fall Cravings - Travel in Style

Fall Cravings - Travel in Style by superchicmom featuring lips makeup

As I get ready to go to the beach one last time with the family, my fall fashion magazines have started arriving. Seeing all the warm and deep colors of fall fashion are  inspiring and lead me to thinking about the good things when the leaves fall - warm cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and travel. I put this look together for a casual fall day - perhaps getting on a plane to Florida? Or perhaps, for a cool late summer evening.

What are you craving for fall? Have any fall travel plans? Or do you live where the weather stays warm?

As always, thanks for stopping by and for staying so chic!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best Summer Drugstore Beauty Buys

Best Summer Drugstore Beauty Buys

Best Summer Drugstore Beauty Buys by superchicmom featuring an essie nail polish

These are some products that I have been really getting use out of this summer. They are all easy to find at your local drugstore, Walmart, or Target. The Jergens Self Tanner works great giving a subtle glow that does not look orange. The Cetaphil is great for removing all of your sunscreen and makeup. CeraVe makes a great zinc based sunscreen with ceramides for adding volume and an SPF of 50. You need to rub it in pretty well but it really protects, lasts well in the water and has not challenged mine or my son's sensitive skin. Lashblast waterproof mascara is really that - it adds a blast of volume and stays put while you are swimming with your little ones. Finish off your summer look with a white polish from Essie. It goes on nicely and looks perfect with every summer outfit.

What have been your favorite summer drugstore buys?



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Factory Frankie Chino

This is an outfit I threw on to go see Peter Pan on stage with my son. I had not seen Peter pan since I was a child myself and had forgotten how magical and perfect for kids it is. I mean outside of Peter, who never grows old, there is a fairy, Indians, and Pirates! My son loved it! The theatre we went to is not super fancy and it was an afternoon show so I opted for a more casual pants look. My little guy snapped this with my phone before we left.
I have been getting a lot of wear out of these Old Navy sandals because they are somewhat dressy yet super walkable. I am also really happy with these chinos from J Crew Factory. I really like the J Crew Andie Chino but due to the lower rise they just don't fit me right.
I Can't believe it is school time in a few weeks! Am I super crazy if I follow the bus to school the first day? Anyone else have kids just starting kindergarten?
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 1, 2014

J Crew Sale Look

J Crew Sale Look

J Crew Sale Look by superchicmom featuring sweat tops

This look is based on the fact that J. Crew (no secret - my favorite store) is having an amazing sale with an extra 40-50% off sale items to make way for new fall arrivals.  I picked up these crepe shorts in navy (under $20),, this aloha tee, and this hat for my son.  I also really wanted this pom top but it didn't fit right. This anchor tank dress is the perfect cover up for the beach with the kids.

Have you scooped up anything at the sale, or are you saving your budget for fall?

Have a great weekend! Only a few weeks before back to school!!