Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Perfect Down Coat

The Perfect Down Coat

The Perfect Down Coat by superchicmom featuring Ellen Tracy

Last weekend my family and I ventured into NYC to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. It was a fabulous show and my son really enjoyed it. There was really something for everyone in the show and, as always, the Rockettes were amazing!

What I noticed, and what sort of surprised me - is I could definitely tell that the local New Yorkers have a simple winter outerwear style. It was opposite of the colorful faux fur coats I thought I might see. Yes - all the chic women had on black ponte leggings, riding bots, and a lightly sheened black down coat. This weekend is the perfect time to find one on sale. Ellen Tracy has a great selection of pared down, belted, packable down coats which are super comfy and warm. I am ordering mine on-line to avoid the crowds. I think this look can be perfect right here in the suburbs too!

Are you shopping this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? What is your perfect winter coat?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pricey Vs. Possible: Camel Oversize Blazer

Pricey Vs. Possible: Camel Oversize Blazer

Pricey Vs. Possible: Camel Oversize Blazer by superchicmom featuring an oversized outfit

After seeing this post on Brooklyn Blonde, I was obsessed with getting an oversize blazer like this Theory one. In my search for a more affordable version on, I came across this Forever 21 version. While I was deciding whether or not to buy, I happened upon this post featuring the possible. I can't really online shop at Forever 21 since I can be anywhere from a small to large, so I headed to my local store. I was impressed when I tried the Forever 21 coat on. It was nice and thick and looks more expensive in person - so I had to buy. I got the same look for under $50! Look for it in an outfit post soon!

Both the luxury Theory and the affordable Forever 21 are making some truly cool coats this season!


Beauty Review: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Beauty Review: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Beauty Review: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish by superchicmom on Polyvore( all images via polyvore - click on image to be taken there for origination)

As a busy working mom I rarely have the time or patience to go sit for hours in the manicurist chair. On days when I do have the time there are just other things to do - like exercise or clean the house! I kind of fell in love with the gel manicure under light since it lasts two weeks and is dry without having to wait it out under the fan. The problem I learned - after having a few gel manicures - is getting it off. I find I must file, soak, and scrape which can leave my nails abused. It really requires a return price to the salon. Plus - it costs double than a regular manicure.

I did go to my local salon and try a regular manicure with CND Vinylux Weekly Polish (not the shellac).  The top coat has polymers which extend the life of wear. It lasted a full 7 days without chipping and looking new. I was able to remove it easily with acetone only. Another plus - my nails seemed nice and strong on removal since I didn't have to soak them in acetone.

I am still loving short dark nails for fall. How about you? Have you tried the gel or CND weekly polish and what do you think?

SHOP CND WEEKLY POLISH HERE ( side note - you need the top coat for it to work) :

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Already In Your Closet: Cable Sweater

Already In Your Closet: Cable Sweater

Already In Your Closet: Cable Sweater by superchicmom featuring indigo blue jeans

 I am trying to focus more posts here on the blog on using pieces you potentially already have in your closet vs. having to buy new things. I thought today I would focus on your cable knit sweater. I am looking for a way to style mine in a new way. How about with a camel coat (also probably already in your closet) and those affordable calf hair sneakers you saw and maybe bought from this September post? Throw on this oversize scarf for under $30 and a pom hat and you are just on trend!

The ways you can style a cable sweater are endless, no? How do you style yours?


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pricey vs. Possible: Kids Furry Vest

Pricey vs. Possible: Kids Furry Vest

Pricey vs. Possible: Kids Furry Vest by superchicmom on Polyvore

It is getting colder in New England. It is time for pumpkin spice lattes and to have fires at home. Nothing is cuter or cuddly than your little one. But even how much cuter if they are bundled up in a soft furry vest? You can spend between 60-80$ on this Patagonia version, which might be a good investment because they resale on E-bay from 30-50$. Or you could save and buy the vest on the right which is found here at Old Navy and is under $20.00 with an extra 30% off today!

They are both cute adorable options and leave me wanting some more faux fur for myself - kind of obsessed with this faux fur coat from Choies. Of course, this one will probably sit in my fantasy shopping cart - because where am I really going to wear this? This faux fur vest for under $50 might be a smarter investment.

Has anyone shopped from Choies before? What was your experience like?

Have a great weekend and cuddle those you love!