Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sequin Pants

Sequin Pants

I have always admired a woman who could rock sequin pants like here and here. There is just something so whimsy and fun about them. But, alas it is all in the styling. I am waiting for my pair to arrive in the mail but am anxiously wondering if I will love them or hate them. Or even worse - will I love them but find them too young for me - something that happens more and more these days since I am not aging in reverse! I mean are sequin pants something a Mom can wear at holiday time or am I totally nuts?

I will not be rocking any sequins tonight as I am staying home with the family which is the best place to be!

What are your thoughts on sequin pants? Yes or No, No, No?

How would you style them? If you have worn them, I would love to hear where and how!

Happy New Year! Hope it is a fun and safe one for all tonight!    

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday Time

Coat: Banana republic (old) // Shirt: J. Crew (old) similar here // Skirt: J. Crew (last year), (this year's here) // BowTie: my hubbie's // Shoes: h&m
Well, it is holiday time and if you have ever read this blog before, you know I love the holidays so I can wear my sequins and plaid together. My little guy loves calling the sequins "treasure". I had a great holiday with my family and am truly grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I finally got a new camera so hopefully the quality of these blog pictures will improve soon! I am also hoping to re design the blog soon.

Another thing I love about this time of year is all the post Christmas sales. I love picking up some holiday wear for next year now at a great price. After all, to pay full price for items you only wear a few times a year just doesn't make sense. I may have picked up  these sequin pants up with a gift card (thanks Mom) I received for next year (or this year if they come before new year!). I know they say you can make sequins work for your everyday life, but I sure haven't figured out how. Maybe a sequined covered sweatshirt would work, but even then....

Do you wear sequins outside of party time? If you do, how?

Have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fantasy Holiday

Fantasy Holiday

This is the time of year when we busy moms may actually get a chance or two to dress up. So, why not go all out with my favorite holiday combination of tartan and sequins. Whether it's your own holiday party, a work party, or new year's - this is your chance to do it up in some fantasy pieces. After all, you would look a little funny going out to the grocery store in sequins ( unless you live in L.A. or New York). And at these prices - these items are almost OK to wear only once a year. Although I would totally wear the tartan tee with a white turtleneck, blazer, and pumps for date night.

What are you excited to wear this holiday season?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wool baseball hat

Hat: J. Crew (30% off with code GIFTNOW) // Jeans: Current/Elliott // Sweater: J. Crew Cambridge // Boots: Madewell // Belt: J. Crew Factory (on serious sale) // Bag: YSL Muse //Coat: Old Navy
Well,  it is getting seriously cold in the Northeast. With an impending snow storm/ ice storm, this is probably the last time I will be wearing these ankle boots and shredded jeans for a while. I featured the hat I am wearing here a few posts ago and didn't buy. With J. crew having 30% off and free shipping I finally bought it in black and am getting a lot of wear out of it. It's stylish while still providing some warmth. It also helps take dressier outfits to a more casual place.
What are you picking up with all the last minute sales? I am trying to be good to get on the nice list and not shop for myself too much! How about you?
Keep warm and have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chunky Scarf

Sweater: Vince (super old//) Jeans: Current/Elliott Rolled Skinny // Glasses: OASAP very similar to Celine Audrey but less than $30.00 // Boots: Madewell Billie Boot // Scarf: Old Navy //handbag: Phillip Lim for Target (lust version here) but I actually love mine because it fits over my shoulder.

In a rush busy ladies? In a pinch I have found you can make any look more chic with two accessories: 1) a chunky scarf 2) large dark sunnies. I know this is not a super creative blogger look, but hey, it is better than just a tee, sweater, and jeans ....no?
Want more big blanket scarf action ? Check out kendieveryday.com for some inspiration.
Who else is crazy busy preparing for the holidays, baking, and shopping?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Coat Time

Coat: Old Navy // Sweater: J. Crew (extra 30% off with code HOLIDAY) // Boots: Franco Sarto (old) // Jeans: J. Brand (mine are factory seconds from E-bay) // Bag: Phillip Lim for Target // Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs  // Shirt: J. Crew

Well winter is officially here! Here in New England we had temps in the 20's last week. Time to break out the winter coat. I am so glad I let my street style to mom style post (here) inspire me to buy this coat from Old Navy. I was able to snag an extra 40% off which makes it a steal. My review: It is warm and roomy so you can wear your winter sweaters underneath without having that tight feeling in your arms allowing mobility for all the mommy or work things you have to do!
On my wish list for Christmas - a new camera for better blog pictures! Fellow friends and bloggers, do you have any advice on cameras? Suggestions welcome!
What winter coats are you wearing this season?