Monday, October 28, 2013

Falling for Burgundy

Falling for Burgundy

I don't know why, but this fall I am craving some Burgundy colored accessories. Is it too much to have it on your lips, hat, and boots? Maybe, but look how well it works on Lacey from A Lacey Perspective. I am also loving this A&E fur scarf for under $35.00! I think if you are throwing on some fur, it helps to dress it down with distressed jeans, utility jacket, and cap.

What earth tones are you loving for fall?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Classic Stripes and E-bay

Blazer: H&M (old), similar here // Shirt: H&M (old) // Belt: Target // Sunglasses: unknown //Bag: YSL from E-bay, this year's here // Flats: Chanel from E-bay // Jeans: Current Elliot purchased on super sale at Neiman's but appear sold out on their site now :// Scarf: Vintage from E-bay

As you can see, I am a fan of shopping on E-Bay. You can find some amazing pre-owned but like new designer items for great deals. The shoes and bag I got for > 60-75% off retail and they both came looking brand new. The key to buying authentic items is to research the real item extensively - including, if possible, seeing the real thing in person so you know what to look for in the pre-owned item. Be sure the photos of the item show the key items needed for authenticity (like authentication stamps, serial numbers, zippers, and underneath of bag and shoes).
Web sites like Purse Forum and My Poupette are great resources for authenticating items on E-Bay via forums and services. I only purchase from buyers with excellent feedback and look specifically at their feedback to see if they have sold other similar items. The comments in a seller's feedback section can help you feel out if the person has sold other luxury items and whether or not the recipients felt the items were authentic once received. If you have any questions - don't buy!
If you feel it is too risky to buy via E-bay there are some new great sites that offer amazing pre-owned luxury items. Two examples are : 1) Yoogi's Closet 2) Portero Luxury. I find their prices are higher than on E-bay but they guarantee authenticity and have done the research for you. Also, many of these sites offer returns which E-bay usually does not.
Do you shop pre-owned or on E-bay? Have you purchased from any of the new online luxury consignment shops? What are your tips for getting a good authentic deal on these sites?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Madewell Paris Tee - Again

Jacket: Zara (old) // Tee: Madewell //Jeans: Current/ Elliott // Bag: Tory Burch // Heels: H&M // Bracelets: Stella & Dot Renegade, black enamel from Amazon // Sunglasses: Number One from E-bay

I am a big believer in buying things you will love and wear over and over again. As you can see, my price per wear is diminishing weekly on this Madewell Tee. I have worn it with everything from sweats to a tweed jacket.

I also had picked up these jeans on super sale and with extra percentage off coupon off at  Again - I am wearing them a lot so they were a good value.

I just read a good tip from Clinton Kelly in People Style Watch this month for getting value for your money.  He suggests before you look at the price tag of an item you are considering buying, think what you would think it is worth and what you would pay, then turn the tag over. If the price is more than what you thought, walk away.

Do you think about price per wear and value when you shop?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Classic Fall Style

Classic Fall Style

So, I know what you are want me to spend how much on that pair of jeans? But wait, I found these amazing designer jeans on sale here at Neiman Marcus for only $68.00!! These are classic blue ankle length jeans that are super soft and stretchy - great " mom" jeans in my opinion. Check them out on Blair from Atlantic-Pacific to see another way to style them.

We are coming to the end of fall sale season as the Christmas merchandise will be in soon. Holiday season always comes up so fast. I am hoping to get through Halloween first!

What fall deals have you found? Please share so we can all join in on the deals!   

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sweatshirt Moto Jacket

Jacket: Gap (extra 35% off your purchase online today) // Jeans: Gap 1969 Boyfriend jean // Shoes: Old Navy (also on sale now) // Tee: J. Crew // Sunglasses: no names from an airport kiosk :) // Bag: Phillip Lim for Target

Since my last post was about fall hats, I figured I would show you an outfit with mine on. I wasn't kidding when I said my roots are really outgrown right now! Despite an excessive use of hand washing and hand sanitizer, my whole family still came down with the stomach flu last week. The only luck we had was it took us down one by one so we could sort of care for each other and get through the week.

Hope you all have a happy healthy week! As always thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Hats

Fall Hats

So, I really have had no time to get to the hair salon or have had to cancel because the day care plague of one sort or another has visited our family. The plague is what I refer to as one illness or another my son brings home from pre-school. Therefore, I have been wearing a lot of hats lately. Here are some cool and affordable stylish hats available at our fave retailers. Lucky for us ladies with roots, hats - especially baseball caps- are so in this season.

Are you loving hats this fall? Which styles do you wear the most?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Target Tweed Jacket

Tweed Jacket: Target (on sale for less than $14.00)! // Jeans: Current Elliot // Boots: Madewell // Bag: Phillip Lim for Target //Tee: J. Crew // Sunglasses: Number One angled cat eye from e-bay.

As you have seen from a few of my previous posts I have been a little obsessed with Target lately. I ordered this jacket online and was really pleased when it arrived - for under $20.00 with shipping - in its quality and fit. It is super soft, just the right weight, with an on trend moto style to keep it from delving into frumpy.

I am also so happy with my Phillip Lim for Target tote (lust version here). As much as I love a designer handbag it is really nice to have a stylish bag I don't worry about if the applesauce crusher breaks and leaks into! Although, I have learned my lesson and place snacks in an additional plastic bag - which I can then use for garbage as well.

I know a tee and jeans is not that original but I feel like when you throw a tweed or motorcycle jacket over it just adds a little chic.

What do you wear to spice up your tee and jeans?