Sunday, August 25, 2013

Palm Tee

Jeans: Gap Sexy Boyfriend // Blazer: J. Crew Factory (old) // Tank: J. Crew sold out but ( Popover version here) and on sale now! // Pumps: h&m // Bag: Chanel Sunglasses: Number One (from e-bay). Stud belt: J. Crew (old) this year's version here. Watch: Micheal Kors (old) .  Nail Polish: Aha moment from Sephora by OPI

Maybe I should have titled this post blue suede shoes AGAIN! I told you I am getting some good wear out of these 25$ pumps! You will definitely see me wear things I love again and again ....I try not to get in too much of a rut, but definitely believe in buying things that will get worn. I love fashion and blogs and am often tempted to purchase something I see that looks so amazing on a blogger. However, I do work with a budget and have to realize I live in the suburbs and not LA or NYC. On Jill's Good Life Blog, she openly speaks about her monthly budget and how she makes it work for her. I am a new fan of her blog because she is a mom (and a super chic one at that), sticks to a budget, and shows her readers how to get the most out of their money. Check and her budget post here. What have you bought lately that you have been wearing a lot?

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  1. Haha, I just bought myself a pair of blue suede pumps - prepare to see me wear those things everywhere too! (They just kind of seem to go with everything ...)