Saturday, April 5, 2014

How To Child Proof Your Handbag

Let me start this post by saying I am not really a DIY person or a craftswomen. This is a very simple thing I do to keep my bags looking better and lasting longer and if anyone has any other suggestions...please share!  The Chloe bag is vintage, and was purchased from E-bay. ( A reader recently asked about buying luxury from E-Bay - more detailed post to follow). The bag is in great condition but needs some shaping.

Cut strips of cardboard to fit bottom and lower sides of bag if needed.

Wrap cardboard in cotton or another material that won't bleed and is absorbent. I use a plain white tee.

The base piece wrapped and the sides ready to be inserted.

The bag's natural shape with inserts with nothing in it yet! So much better than the floppy mess from the before. The bag is also now a little more protected from sagging from heavier items or from spills.

I use a separate bag that carries my essentials which adds another layer of protection. This way if a lipstick melts, it's in the little black bag and not all over the pocket book. It also allows me to change bags more quickly knowing most of what I need is in that little black bag. I also always pack my son's snacks in a little zip lock bag so if they get crushed or the package opens it's not in my bag. This little trick has kept a lot of my bags in better shape which helps preserve their resale value or just keep them looking good so you can keep them longer!

How do you protect your bags?

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