Tuesday, June 3, 2014

H&M Summer Boot

Shirt: J. Crew Factory (old - but love this one) // Jeans: Current/Elliott // Boots: h&m (on sale for 25$) // Wallet: DVF // Sunglasses: Celine (baby Audrey in black pre-owned from E-bay)

I know that sandal season is upon us, but I have always loved the boho chic look of a more summer type ankle boot that dips in the front. I think these boots work well with jeans and shorts as well. These have a nice low heel so you can keep up with your family or run around town.
I always spray my shoes with a protectant (like this kiwi nano spray) to keep out water and dirt. It really helps protect (especially cheaper) footwear that you would otherwise only get one season out of. So hopefully I can wear these straight through fall.
What do you think of boots for summer...super chic or not for me?

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