Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shirttail Sweater

Sweater: J. Crew // Scarf: Charlotte Russe (sold out but similar here) // Loafers: Vince Camuto (last season) // Jeans: J. Brand // Handbag: vintage Chloe from E-bay  // Earrings: J. Crew Factory // Sunglasses: Karen Walker Number One (mine are pre-owned from E-bay)
Whether you are a mom or just a busy suburban woman on the go - there is no simpler and quicker look to throw on during the fall than a sweater, jeans, and flats. You can quickly add some "style" with big earrings, scarf, and a spot of leopard. I bought this shirt tail sweater from J. Crew with a 25% off promotion and having been wearing it like crazy. I love that the layering is built in. Any thing to make getting dressed in the morning easier is appreciated!
I do tend to think about my outfits the day before. I quickly check the weather for the next day when I am laying in bed. I put a few minutes thought to what I might wear. I use inspiration (casual dress blog or street style photos I saved on my phone) to help me. I usually don't have the same items as in the posts, but often have something similar that works to create the same look. This look was inspired by Rachel of the pink peonies . I don't have leather pants or a leopard clutch (plus that would be a BIT much walking around my town) so I added distressed jeans and leopard flats. I am not ashamed for somewhat "copying" a look. I actually think that is what is so great about fashion blogs. We can see real clothes on real people, be inspired by them,  and then make the look our own.
I love the blog Respect The Shoes for posts like this. You can really see how she plans out her looks and mixes and matches in an experimental but fun way.
What inspiration do you use when getting dressed? Do you take the time to plan out a look?

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