Saturday, July 20, 2013

Printed Shorts

Top: J . Crew ( appears sold out but similar tee version here ). //Shorts: Loft (spring) similar from J. crew . // Sandals: Old Navy and under $10.00! // Necklace: Chanel sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Sorry for a week of no posts to my few but loyal followers! By the way, I am thankful that each and every one of you visit super chic mom. I am continually inspired by how many fashion bloggers out there are moms! I was actually away on holiday and what a HOT week! So this shorts post is pretty much inspired by the week of shorts I wore while away. I love shorts but find it difficult to find a pair that has some style and also functions. My shorts need to be somewhat mom friendly. I don't know about you, but I am just not comfortable bending down to pick up my child in less than a 3" inseam. I was hoping to come back from vacation with some amazing outfit posts, but it was so hot I wore a bathing suit all week and I am not going to post those! I am narrowing down my search for a new camera though so hopefully I will present better pictures soon. What have you moms been wearing in this incredible heat wave? What are your ways of styling shorts? Have a great rest of the weekend. Next post is: making your wardrobe work for you.


  1. Love this look adorable!! Still kicking myself for missing out on this sweater.

    1. Thanks! Think they have this sweater at net a which is where I got mine b/c they sold out so fast in my size !

  2. Casual and fun pairing that totally works. Great shorts!

  3. Thanks! Shorts always feel harder for me to style. You have some great shorts looks on your blog!