Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stripe Rugby Dress and Making Your Wadrobe Work

Dress: J. Crew on sale now with extra 40% off!// Wedges: J. Crew Seville (last year) .// Bag: Old navy (no longer available but cute straw bag here. //Sunglasses: Foster Grant //Necklaces: Chanel and J. Crew Factory. // Bracelets: stella and dot, rope Ralph Lauren Boys.

This dress is an example of a purchase that works well in my wardrobe. I can dress it up or down because the fabric is nice and thick and more substantial than a tee material. I can wear it to dinner, on date night, or to the pool with sandals.

I thought I would share a few things I have learned (the hard way) over the years for making good purchase choices that help make your wardrobe work. There is nothing worse than looking in a full closet and thinking " I have nothing to wear"!

1) Be realistic about two things - what your lifestyle is and what your body shape is. I am a mom who works in health care and wears scrubs to work, so I just don't need tons of blazers and dressy pants even those these are some of my favorite items. My money is just better spent on jeans, sweaters, and cool jackets and boots. I also have a boyish figure so drop waists and voluminous tops/ pants don't usually work. It has taken me many years to be realistic about what to buy so I don't have things hanging unworn in my closet. For example, I never really buy fancy dresses anymore because I just don't have occasion to wear them, and if I do I turn to

2) Buy comfy shoes. Now I am not saying don't buy heels because I love heels. However, I am realistic knowing what my heel height limit is and ensuring I can actually walk in the shoes I buy. These wedges are a great example...with a 3 " heel and a platform I can walk and keep these on for hours. How many of us have shoes in our closet that we overlook because they just well ..hurt.

3) Think about price per wear. See a really pricey item that you just love? Well, it might be a great investment if it's something you will use frequently and wear for years. A classic Chanel bag or Burberry trench The $400.00 leather peplum top .....NO!  Buy a cheaper version from forever 21.

4) Let bloggers inspire you but keep in mind if you will actually wear the item. As someone who loves to read and follow fashion blogs can tempt you to buy an item you otherwise wouldn't have come across. While this is a great thing about blogging it can also be wallet unfriendly. Before I buy I force myself to think of the item in at least two outfits and at least 2-3 places I might actually wear it. If I can't do that then chances are the item will just hang in the closet!

5) Take stock of your closet with bi-yearly closet clean outs. Get rid of items (donate, sell, consign, trade) you haven't worn in 1-2 years.

I would love to hear your tips about how you make your wardrobe work for you?