Friday, November 1, 2013

Best New Beauty Under $40

Best New Beauty Under $40

Just wanted to share on this Friday some new products I have become a fan of as a result of getting some samples.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara: Really amps up your lashes, stays on but also comes off easy. It also feels really light and remains soft.

Buxom Lip Gloss - What can I say, Kyle Richards , my favorite Beverly Hills housewife is a fan. This stuff does make your lips look and feel fuller. You can definitely feel it working. It comes in pretty colors and feels light as well.

Urban Decay Naked Foundation - I have been looking for a foundation that provided more natural coverage and was not chalky for days when I am not using BB cream and don't need a higher SPF. I have tried drug store brand foundation without much luck. I can just never buy the right color. I got color matched at Sephora and this was one of the options for my skin tone. It glides on lovely, is illuminating and yet filled with good stuff for your skin. I find it really makes me look fresh - and what Mom wouldn't want that! If you try this, definitely get matched, I needed a color that I thought would be way too dark, but the skin i.d. was right.

Please note I am NOT getting paid to promote these products. I just really like them!

What are your fave beauty products going into fall?

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