Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Street Style to Mom Style: Bus Stop Look

Street Style to Mom Style: Bus Stop Look

I have yet to have to get up early and wait with my child at the bus stop, but I often see Moms out there waiting as I drive to work. Some are in full suits ready to leave for work themselves. Then I see some others in pajamas (this is a judgment free zone, we are all just doing our best- see Why Superchicmom Post Here). Perhaps there is something in between? I wonder, will I be able to maintain some sense of chic this early in the morning? When I came upon this street style look, I realized it was the perfect inspiration for bus stop style. You could actually sleep in the sweats and tee - quickly throw on your booties, hat, and scarf. A blanket coat is the perfect warm topper. Lastly add a pop of nude lip color (red is a bit much before breakfast) and you are good to go. After all, part of looking chic is looking like you didn't try too hard...right?

What do you wear out at the bus stop?

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