Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sequin Pants

Sequin Pants

I have always admired a woman who could rock sequin pants like here and here. There is just something so whimsy and fun about them. But, alas it is all in the styling. I am waiting for my pair to arrive in the mail but am anxiously wondering if I will love them or hate them. Or even worse - will I love them but find them too young for me - something that happens more and more these days since I am not aging in reverse! I mean are sequin pants something a Mom can wear at holiday time or am I totally nuts?

I will not be rocking any sequins tonight as I am staying home with the family which is the best place to be!

What are your thoughts on sequin pants? Yes or No, No, No?

How would you style them? If you have worn them, I would love to hear where and how!

Happy New Year! Hope it is a fun and safe one for all tonight!    

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