Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gap Striped Flats and Zara Tweed Blazer

Jeans: Gap // Shirt:J. Crew Factory // Belt: J. Crew // Flats: Gap // Jacket: Zara (old) similar here and under $100.00 //Bag: Vintage Chloe Edith satchel from E-bay //Glasses: Westward Leaning // Necklace: Chanel

I wore this to take my son to his fifth year check up. Time definitely goes by faster once you have a child. The days turn into weeks, months, and then suddenly into years! I try to remind myself daily to enjoy every moment.  I often think of how I am growing older too and if I find myself wanting to be critical of how I look I always think..."I will never look as young as I did in this picture". Want to check out a cool style blog where age doesn't matter - check out advanced style blog here.
Sorry for the date stamps on the photos ( too busy too photo shop) but hey it's proof - I really did wear this today and these images are not retouched!
Have a super chic day!


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