Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some of My favorites Right Now...


Cravings... by superchicmom featuring H&M

I am really ready for summer to arrive and that is clear by all the summer friendly itms I have been placing in my "favorites" on my shop style app. The shop style app is great because you can click on your favorite items and save them to a wish list. That way you can think about if you really want to buy them and if they make sense for your wardrobe and lifestyle. You can also get sale alerts!

These are some of the items in my favorites right now.... 1) This Samudra Palm Pouch. It's perfect to put your essentials in and then throw in a bigger beach bag or straw bag. A definite day to night clutch and only $65.00. 2) These Bauble Bar Pearl 360 earrings. I became obsessed with these after seeing them here on Le Catch. The Dior ones are amazing but not budget friendly. These are under $30.00 and are an edgy alternative to my statement preppy pearls. 3) Cat Eye Wayfarers  from Wldfox. Still deciding about these - I prefer to try sunglasses on first, but I love the mild cat eye wayfarer shape and slight mirror tint. Still deciding if they are too much? 4) H&M sandals - the perfect 3"  heel height and ankle strap to wear with jeans or dresses.

Do you use the shop style or another app to save your favorites and think things over before they go in your cart?



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