Monday, September 16, 2013

Leopard Loafers For Less

Leopard Loafers For Less

I am finally going to accept that the loafer trend is here to least for one more season! I decided to finally get in on this trend because loafers are so mom friendly and when styled right are so chic! Since, I am not sure if this trend will stick around another year, I am sticking with a budget friendly pair. I love all of the "possible" options above but ended up buying these loafers from Old Navy for under $20!. I used a promo code (ontreat) for 20% off and my rewards to save even more! They are so budget friendly I bought them in brown and grey. I wish they had half sizes but don't, so I sized up so I could place a Heel Hugs in. Heel Hugs are great and I use them in a lot of my shoes, especially those with pointy toe where you want to size up for more toe room but still need the heel to fit snugly. What do you use in your shoes to make them more comfy?

What do you think of the loafer trend? Will it stick around? Are you wearing loafers this fall?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!

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