Friday, September 20, 2013

Amazing Fall Finds at Target

Amazing Fall Finds at Target

So I was in my local Target on the hunt for one of these Phillip Lim for Target Totes that looks so much like his beloved Pashli Satchel. The Pashli is $895 but the target bag is $54.99! I was able to snag the last one as my local target sold out fast. While at Target I got to do some browsing and I was so impressed with their fall selection for such great prices.

Want to look cool like Jenna Lyons without dropping $200 on fashion glasses from Madewell or Super ...Target has them for $8.00!

I had been wanting leather paneled leggings but again don't want to drop so much dough on a trendy item. Target had them for under $20.00 and even quilted ones! They also had these great booties that look exactly like the Rag and Bone harrow booties all the celebs are wearing. Now of course you are saving because the bags and leggings are pleather and the boots faux suede. I am not begrudging anyone for wanting to buy the original quality item either. An investment is an investment.

I tried not to get too distracted from my actual grocery list but did pick up a few great things.

Do you shop at Target? What do you like to find there? Do you find you spend more there because it is a one stop shop than you would otherwise?

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